Carrie & Luigi – 15 February 2020 – Moelenvliet

I don’t think words can properly describe how appreciative we are of Tracy and the Trunk Events team. I’m going to go into more details below, but long story short, hire Trunk Events for your wedding if you can. They go above and beyond and are worth their weight in gold!

So now for the longer version.

My partner and I met Tracy about a year and a half before tying the knot and had absolutely no idea where to even begin. We had just moved to Cape Town from South Korea (him being South African, and me, American) and while there was certainly a lot of time to plan, we were quite lost in the process! Neither of our families were from Cape Town, and as someone with no Instagram, who barely uses Facebook, and didn’t even know what Pinterest was, I didn’t exactly have many ideas to bring to the table… Tracy and her team made a zillion suggestions for venues, providers, and all-in-all amazing people to work with. Because Tracy got to know us so well, she had a good idea of who she thought would work well with not only us, but our other vendors we had already hired.

We met with Tracy more than a few times, and the level of patience this woman possesses is beyond me. If I had an idea I was in love with she somehow managed to make me feel valued while also getting my partner’s honest opinion. This was something I really appreciated as I wanted Luigi to be just as involved, and I truly think this approach made him excited to contribute. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the process of planning a wedding special.

As our big day slowly crept closer, Tracy and her team only became more and more amazing (which I didn’t think was possible!). They were always on top of it with reminders to make a decision on something or to get back with a vendor, and I appreciated that they included us in everything, yet didn’t overwhelm us with emails we didn’t need to be included in (believe me, there are a lot of those!). Aside from the beautiful Tracy, we also worked closely with Monique and Kim, who are both amazing in their own rights. Monique worked with us on our decor and also met us in Stellenbosch for our mock table, and we loved how she had so many fun ideas and wasn’t afraid to make suggestions. She also helped set up our entire venue the day before the wedding (which turned out amazingggg). Kim was also involved in the vendor hiring/communications and was with us on the day. All of them made planning our wedding so so much fun, and it’s a process we’re thankful to have done with Trunk Events!

The day of our wedding could not have been more special. Luigi and I treasured seeing all of our many loved ones in one place (literally 6 continents represented!) and because of the Trunk team, there was not a single stressful moment. They were running around making sure everything was going smoothly and coordinating different vendors, and I am truly so very thankful for them that day. I tend to be quite stressed when I plan my own parties, but our wedding day was anything but. From the big to the small Tracy and her team took care of everything, and if I could go back and do it again I would not change a single thing. They worked some serious magic that day! I might be slightly biased, but we had the most amazing wedding and our guests raved and raved about every single little thing. Really, Trunk Events is a dream team!!


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